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Hit your mark in online marketing

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Kristoffer Ekelund Gerdes
11 Oct 2019

Personalization is becoming a talking point of the town in regards to online marketing. Consumers are sick and tired of seeing generic ads that have nothing to do with them. There will be a growing focus towards extracts of data to create a more precise and relevant targeting since it most likely will increase the likelihood that a consumer will interact with a company.

The challenge today

It is essential to be able to attract the most relevant customers to your company so you can be able to gather the best leads, while still being able to differentiate yourself from your competitors. And all of this while reaching out to the individual customer. These are some of the challenges that marketing professionals are facing today, and it is what we will address in this blog post. 


Digital lead generation

We do not have to go back many years to a time where leads often were created through unending amounts of phone calls based on long lists of phone numbers and there is probably still some companies that use this obsolete method of generating leads by. This method of acquiring leads by - which perhaps is a bit subjectively insinuated - has not been the most effective way of getting to your potential customers. 


Data and personalization in focus

Lead generation has since then gone digital both in terms of B2B and B2C companies. Most marketing responsible has gradually found out that Facebook is one of the toolbox best gadgets to get your message across to a sharply defined target group. Generally speaking, social media channels are primarily being used to create awareness and strong brand identities, but these channels can also actively be used to find new leads to your company. 


One of the possibilities that social media has given marketing professionals is the utilization of lead ads, which is where a formula is automatically being filled out with the users' information. This, combined with the user not having to leave the social platform has seen the conversion rate increase dramatically. Facebook has had their lead ads for a long time now and in 2019, LinkedIn also joined the fight with their own lead-gen ads. But it is not enough just to use lead ads, you also have to ensure that your ads are being seen by the right audience and that the ad is personalized enough so that the customer will click on your ad. 


Thus, more emphasis is being placed on personalization in online marketing aspects since the customers do not want to see generic ads that are not relevant to them. It can, therefore, be a good idea to separate your potential customers into relevant segments which enables you to do more precise and relevant targeting based on the aforementioned customer segments. There has also been a shift towards a larger focus on quality data which can be used for more highly targeted ads. There is a huge potential in the utilization of this data so that you will get the most out of the marketing activities. This should lead to reaching more customers and creating hot new leads for your sales organization. 


If you are a marketing one-man-army, work in a large marketing department or for a marketing bureau, there are many initiatives that you can start with. You can hear more about the topic here